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Regina atheists look good in rainbow


One beautiful thing that comes with secular humanism is an appreciation that all people truly are equal, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, creed, ethnicity, religion or economic status. It’s not about platitudes, nor claiming tolerance with one hand while expressing intolerance with the other – it’s about genuine respect for each other in all our beautiful diversity.

It seems that the pride parade, moreso than anything, represents an appreciation for diversity that is so important to both the LGBTQ community and to secular humanism, and as secular humanists we were proud to celebrate with the Regina LGBTQ community at the Queen City Pride Festival 2014 on June 14.

As you can tell from the photos, it may have been a rainy day, but that only made our rainbows shine even brighter. Thank you for putting on an incredible event and demonstrating to the world how powerful tolerance can be.



Pride_1 Regina

Pride_5 regina














Atheists bring out their inner child to celebrate nature


With the mosaic of cultural and religious traditions around the world, it can be easy to lose sight of the one secular phenomenon that all of us share: the sun. No time is this more true than during the summer solstice, when the Earth tilts in just such a way that the sun reaches its zenith in the sky, signifying the longest and warmest days of the year – something we can all appreciate!

For atheists, celebrating the solstice is about celebrating nature, the cosmos and our place in it. This universe is all that there is as we travel it on our pale blue dot.

In Regina, we took to a local playground to let loose our inner child while enjoying a wonderful day of sunshine, friendship and great food.


Regina Solstice_1