Some of CFI-Okanagan’s past events:

July 2013: Breast thermography clinic protest

July 2013: Kids for Inquiry, Lego workshop

July 2013: Café Inquiry, Masculinity & Privilege

July 2013: Penticton CFI gathering

July 2013: Skeptics in the Park

July 2013: Secular Social

July 2013: Round Table, Feminism (included screening of Status Quo?)

June 2013: Vernon CFI Meetup

June 2013: Skeptics in the Park

June 2013: Secular Social

June 2013: Café Inquiry, Dietary Fat

June 2013: Kids for Inquiry, Look at the Sun!

June 2013: KFI at the Fat Cat Festival

June 2013: Round Table, Apocalypse Edition (survival in emergencies)

May 2013: Skeptics in the Park

May 2013: Vernon CFI Meetup

May 2013: Round Table, Morality

May 2013: Secular Social

May 2013: An Evening with Margaret Trudeau, Dr Harriet Hall & Dr Mark Holder

April 2012: Secular Social

April 2013: Vernon CFI Meetup

April 2013: Kids for Inquiry, Croc Talk

April 2013: Round Table, American Foreign Policy

April 2013: Café Inquiry, Kierkegaard’s views on the religious life

April 2013: Sylvia Browne protest in Vernon


March 2013: The Revisionaries film screening


March 2013: Penticton CFI Skeptics in the Pub

March 2013: Vernon CFI Meetup

March 2013: Secular Social

March: Feathered Dinosaurs, Bonebeds, and Climate Change in the Dinosaurian World, David Eberth

Eberth ad screen grab 3

March 2013: Kids for Inquiry, Dinos to Birds

March 2013: The Creation-Evolution Controversy, David Eberth

March 2013: CFI Potluck

February 2013: Vernon CFI Meetup

February 2013: Secular Social

February 2013: Kids for Inquiry, Darwin’s Birthday Party


February 2013: Round Table, Food

February 2013: Someone Call A Doctor: Philosophy of Religion is Dying, Ryan Nichols

Nichols, Kelowna PPT Poster copy

January 2013: Annual Goals Meeting with Desiree Schell

January 2013: Vernon CFI Meetup

January 2013: Secular Social

January 2013: Kids for Inquiry, The Sun

January 2013: Penticton Skeptics in the Pub

January 2013: Café Inquiry, Don’t Go In There!: Talking about race and racism in the time of the zombie apocalypse, Ian Cromwell

December 2012: Secular Social and Raffle Draw

December 2012: Vernon CFI Meetup

December 2012: Round Table, Religious Trappings for Atheists

November 2012: Vernon CFI Meetup

November 2012: Our first Secular Social!

November 2012: Good Without God: Winter Clothing Drive

November 2012: Café Inquiry, Freedom of Expression

November 2012: Penticton Skeptics in the Pub

November 2012: Round Table, Guns

November 2012: Kids for Inquiry, Evolution

October 2012: Café Inquiry, Addictions

October 2012: Vernon CFI Meet-up

October 2012: Skeptics in the Park, Games and Potluck

October 2012: Kids for Inquiry, Math

October 2012: Round Table, Meat

October 2012: Reproductive Rights (lecture, jointly with Chick Chat)

September 2012: Café Inquiry, The Sun

September 2012: Café Inquiry, Evolutionary Psychology

September 2012: Kids for Inquiry, Astrology

September 2012: Round Table, Abortion

August 2012: Kids for Inquiry, Atoms & Matter

August 2012: Café Inquiry, Cool Math

July 2012: Kids for Inquiry, Psychics & Cold Reading

July 2012: Bowling Fundraiser

June 2012: Kids for Inquiry, UFO Hoaxes

June 2012: Café Inquiry, Humanist Rituals

May 2012: Café Inquiry, Digital Hatred: White Supremacy in the Information Age

April 2012: Should Assisted Suicide be Legal in Canada? (debate)

April 2012: All About Vaccines (mini-conference and charitable fundraiser)

April 2012: Café Inquiry, Dismantling the Gender Binary

March 2012: Stop Sylvia Browne (protest)

February 2012: Darwin Day (lectures)

December 2011: Winter clothing drive for Inn from the Cold and Boys & Girls Club

November 2011: Café Inquiry, Extraterrestrial Contributions to Life on Earth

September 2011: An Evening with James Randi (lecture followed by reception)

September 2011: Café Inquiry, Progressive Christianity in the Canadian Context


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