The CFI Canada library is now relocated in the new National Office at 55 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 307.  The library is one of our most cherished features.  Valued at more than $60,000 in 2008 when a generous donor contributed some 4000 books, it will soon see an official re-launching for CFI Canada members and the public.

In the meantime, we need your help:

1) We need ten (10) 6-row bookshelves to ensure all of our titles have space!  Do you have a few shelves at home or can you make a gift to help with this capital purchase?

2) We are striking a new library committee.  Do you have time to assist in the important process of organizing and maintaining our library?

3) Books!  While the CFI Canada library is extensive, we always need additions in areas such as:

  • Philosophy
  • Canadian sociology, politics and culture
  • Secularism, atheism, humanism
  • History of religion
  • Critical thinking
  • History and philosophy of science

A few titles we’d very much like to acquire may be noted in this Publisher’s Weekly article by Henry L. Carrigan Jr:

All donations to the CFIC library will be recognized in our annual report and on the book itself.

4) CFI Canada is also interested in receiving donations of items of archival interest that represent our Canadian secular heritage.  These will require two lockable display cabinets that we would really appreciate as well.

CFI Canada’s library is entrusted with preserving the literature of secularism, atheism, humanism, free-thought and skepticism in Canada’s finest dedicated secular library.