Jerry Coyne talks about his new book “Faith vs. Fact” in Ottawa (February 26, 2016)


Audience for Jerry Coyne in Ottawa talk “Faith vs. Fact”


Over 170 people crowded into Centrepointe Friday night to hear Jerry Coyne talk about his new book “Faith vs. Fact”.


Jerry Coyne lectures in Ottawa discussing his new book Faith vs Fact.

Jerry Coyne talks very well and drew some great questions after his talk.


Jerry Coyne being asked a question

Discussion continued at the reception afterwards.


Audience members at reception after Jerry Coyne’s talk “Faith vs. Fact”



Merchandise table was kept busy

All in all a very successful evening!


Help stop the flogging of Raif Badawi


photo: Diane Bruce

Across from the Saudi Embassy

Join CFI Ottawa with Amnesty International and other human rights groups to protest the flogging of Raif Badawi.

When: 4:00pm every Thursday (until Raif is released)
Where: Across the street from the Saudi Embassy, 201 Sussex Dr

Last week’s flogging was again cancelled.  No reason has been given.  The weekly protests at the Saudi Embassy will continue until Badawi is released.

19 Feb free raif protest

If you can’t join us please sign the petition and invite others!

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Bill Nye the Science Guy vs Ken Ham the Young Earth Creationist

About 17 people in Ottawa got together for a group viewing of the Nye vs Ham debate. We ate bowtie pasta, pea soup with ham, black hole black bean dip, and we had a drinking game (using keywords like “kinds”, “creation”, “were you there”, mentions of numbers of years, etc).

Ham talked about how Christianity was crumbling because of people questioning the literal truths proclaimed in genesis. Nye talked about the scientific approach to knowledge used by people in “the outside world”. That one phrase encapsulates the brilliance of Nye`s approach. Someone like Dawkins would probably have used the phrase “the real world”, which both creationists and fence-sitters would have found insulting and demeaning. Nye’s term was rather more neutral (and also fed into the belief of many Christians that they are set apart as the people of God).

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