As a registered charity, CFIC hosts an Annual General Meeting each year for the purposes of presenting the annual financial statements, financial results, electing the CFIC Council and Board and formally summarizing the prior year’s activities and achievements.

The Annual General Meeting is open to members of CFIC and is currently planned for Sunday April 8th at 8 pm EDT.  The meeting will be held by teleconference.   CFI Canada members in good standing are welcome to attend.  Please email for access information.

A Nominations/Elections Committee comprising (per CFIC bylaws) one Board Member and two Councillors, has been formed to accept nominations to Board and Council.  Paid and in-good-standing CFIC members are eligible to be nominated to the Council.  Please email for additional information.

More information about the election process

More information about voting and non-voting membership categories

CFIC bylaws

If you have any additional questions, please email