Reason Rally – June 2016 Washington DC


Back in 2012 did you hear about the first Reason Rally only AFTER it happened?  Did you watch the youtube clips and wish you’d attended?


On Saturday, June 4th, 2016 tens of thousands will again stand together at the Lincoln Memorial to celebrate shared secular values.  Professor Richard Dawkins, Dr. Eugenie Scott, James Randi, Cara Santa Maria and others will be on-stage alongside social justice advocates, politicians, musicians and celebrities.

As members of the CFI Canada community for science and secularism, we have an opportunity to share the experience of this world-renowned event.  We can share rides, share rooms and build our community as part of a Canuck Contingent.

If you would like to participate or organize a trip to the 2016 Reason Rally in Washington…please send us an email via  Don’t let another year slip by!



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